How do I care for my new art?

Care instructions:
To clean use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe the surface, do not rub. Take care as resins made for artists is softer than resins made for counter tops and can scratch. Please handle the geode art with gloves as some areas are sharp and can cut you. We are not responsible for any and all damages or injuries associated to our product after it leaves our store. As with all fine art it should always be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid sun damage.

How do I hang my art?

Hardware does not come with the artwork as it can be hung in any direction to suite your needs. It is suggested that a professional hang your art as some pieces are heavy.


Are there imperfections in the surface?

Though we strives for the perfect top coat finish it is not always possible due to different conditions in the studio, but don’t worry its always beautiful because they are very small discreate imperfections on the surface.

What is resin and how is it applied?

About resin and mediums:
Resin is a fluid medium that has a high-gloss finish that can be used for different applications. There are many different brands of resin on the market, and they are not considered equal. Janice uses an artist grade resin that has a UV stabilizer with an advanced additive called HALS (hinders amine light stabilizer) that disrupts the yellowing process before it starts. With that said fine art should always be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid sun damage. To create the desired look many additives can be put into resin once mixed. Janice used artist grade epoxy pigments especially designed for this medium and lot of other materials for texture. Resin can be added onto a substrate in layers to create depth and interest, each layer has a 24hr cure time so each piece is unique in the time it takes to create.

How long does shipping take?

Please allow for 7 days processing time prior to shipping to ensure your original art is well packaged. Our carrier is Canada Post, due to COVID delivery times vary and are out of our control. Please ensure your contact information is correct as we will not be responsible for undelivered products with the wrong address.